what is your business is none of my business
where you sleep is just a dirty bed to me
how your nipples smell is rotten apples
how your curly hair looks is bramble bush
how your hip curves i dont know

your mouth is stinking
but you want me to pay for it
you want to swallow me
but i'm with my clothes on

my lies are my feelings of the moment
your lies are like flies buzzing in my ear

your sweet words and whispers
sound like two tin roof
scratching against each other
the depth of your navel
than your words it is deeper

what i do is not to impress or defame you
why i come to you is for my animalities

the wild heart beats like a drum in jungle
it tangles up with the sound of your bangles
the rack of my love never lasts again
the armour, sheds, that i wore to face the pain

and i heard the far away voice singing
"you told me again you preferred handsome men
but for me you would make an exception."

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