A RAY OF HOPE - A poem for me by Rosemary Moore (Thanks Rose!)

Hope in hopelessness
speak silently to me,
pour words into my heart
to help me understand,
what is the reason for
the behaviour of man.

Doom, doom
you scream at the moon,
counting the hours
until daylight returns,
as the one leaves,
the other one yearns.

The twisted and torn
and still the unborn
lie in wait, left in the
hands of fate,
who forgot to close
the latch on the gate,
and now its too late
and they cannot wait.

Money is the menace
when greed is the master,
when the two go hand-in-hand
it can only lead to a disaster.

Unbalanced and chaotic
the world is shifting on its axis
pay up, pay up
your sky-high taxes.

When lies are the weapon
words are the cure.
In the desert of time,
it seems like nothing grows.

Look at the cracks in the tar
where the grass pushes through,
aim higher for the sun
before the woods close on you.

Even as the last man is standing
and the last tree falls,
a ray of hope still covers the earth,
light in deep darkness
until its rebirth.

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