A sparrow saw me naked
and flew away
before i could bribe it,
now i dont know
what will be the rumor in this town

yes I am happy

she came from a broken family
and left me broken
pounded my heart with her lover's hammer
and now she stands their like a queen
laughing telling me
 "she sometimes feel bad about me"

and in many nights she writes
"are u happy akhu?"
i once was her king
without my kingdom
and then traded my worries
with many cheap bottles of alcohol
and drank till i dropped myself to sleepl

country between us

in the country between us
the hungry and naked children
they turn into fireflies at nights
and the poet worries of the town
with no traffic signals
and the singer sings the best
when her lips are cracked
and they dont have the month July
but only rain and rain
to soak their painful bodies
in the fields of poppies

The Indian

his jokes are not even funny
he supports Narendra Modi
and he talks like a parrot
he does not drink or eat meat
he calls his wife before he buys his shirt
He thinks Hussain should have thought
 before the painting is done
He said loud
"yes yes Buddha is quite well known in India"
he has urinary tract infection
but doesnt want to pay from his pocket
he thinks it is Thai king's responsibility

he says his wife asked him to get thai massage
he has to see Pattaya  in 3000 baht
He carries a water bottle everywhere

and now he is coming to sit in my office
as he has to wait for his bus
that will arrive at 11.30 pm

what am i supposed to do?
shud i disappear??

O boy

Once had a friend
who called me in the middle of the night
and said "just finished Nehru's Discovery of India
Now I can solve our state's problem"
while i was busy preparing petrol bombs
with empty whiskey bottles
for the morning roads

O boy! he was preparing for civil service examination

lets go to the river

Lets go to the river
thats where we left our innocence
since then we have been patients

we know the way
thats where we caught the grasshoppers
in those colorful days of summer

lets go to the river
it's been days we have not swum
isn't it hard to bear this burns?

we remember the song
of those olden days when we were young.
lets sing it out loud to quiet the loaded guns

Insomnia #10

a sparrow playing piano,
a pillow listening to radio,
a sofa acting like Al Pacino ,
a roll of toilet paper claiming to be the manifesto,
a crow singing soprano,
All in a night, all in a night
when I am the sleepless knight
rolling and tossing in my bed
as if it is where i sweat and bleed
and leak my life away little by little

4th of June

sometimes u wanna cut ur heart out and hangs it from a lamp post leaving it dry in the sun and walk away heartless

a friend

he was a friend of mine
he died on the road
and then became a hero
i said he was a simple man
they said "you dont talk
you dont know anything"

bicycling back

i met a bunch of dogs,
they looked like hooligans
they stared at me 
like they gonna eat me up
and it reminded of ur story 
of the man after the huj
but i kept my calm 
and acted like i have 
met many such dogs
and bicycled
checking out 
any shadows behind me


No one knows
she falls in love
like many times
as many as she quotes
killing of Manorama
and June 18th
in her articles
but she acts strong
like the big stone
at which folks pray.
... she would talk endlessly
of Karl Marx in the class room
but outside the room
she would sing Richard Marx.
she knows she is not consistent at all

the rains

the rains had forgotten me.
when i came out
there was only people
and wet umbrellas