house arrestee and the beggar

Feed me some love, my sweet lover
I'm sick of reading this same old newspaper

Play me a song, my old war radio,
For an house arrestee but not for Galileo

Give me some sweetness, my sweet mango
I'm tired to keep my head upon the pillow

Give me your words for my poetry
My words often remind me the useless history

Arrest my wild thoughts, Mr Sheriff
It's gonna rob my soul from this skinny ribs

Set me free Mr jailer or chained me tight
I'm tired to stand nowhere in this fight

Rain on me, you, Mr. Flying Dark Cloud
For the thirsty soul, for a better shout

Come to me, you, Mr. Beggar
Sing me a song of freedom like a singer

the beggar sings
"you and me are same till we die
freedom never comes even if you dive
in the ocean of love,
in the ocean of time,
It's higher than the sky,
Give me your coins before I die
For such song, I dont waste my time
I sing for a mouthfull of rice
For my lover, for a new play of dice."

I sing him back:
"i was celebrating
my freedom of expression
now i'm arrested in my mansion
The sheriff never sets me free
The sweet mango never falls free
My saving coins slip away
My pockets are torn
Nothing left just a mournful song
For someone like you and me."


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