Met a man with out name
he was there for the game and fame
but i dont kinow
why was i there

found a song with out a singer
called it mine, sang it my way
but i dont know
if you like it

me and her, have so many plans
just to hitch hike across Bhutan
but i dont know
when will october come

I really dont know why am i here
I really dont know

for my cousin brother

it has been years
since i saw you last time..
i dont even remember when
now i heard the news
that you killed urself
i want to say so manythings
but there is no point now
as you are gone

we dont even have a grave
where i can go and offer a flower to you
but i know your body has turned into ashes
and smoke that filled the sky.
here it is raining from the sky
so i would walk in rain now
and this is how i meet you
this is how i say i cared for you
even i never bothered to ask

Who th fuck is calling me now?

Who is calling me now?
Is it Bukowski
trying to boast around
he fucked all the whores of america?
I know it already
that's why all these pervert americans are here in Thailand.
Yes! he has screwed many sleepless nights of mine too
when i feel like a dog who knows not how to bark.

Who is calling me now?
Is it the poetry
i left unwritten next to the guava tree
at Sukothai Mountain?
i did not know poetry can be that stubborn
to ask you to write them down?

Who is calling me now?
Is it Kolatkar
Trying to tell me i can never be an Indian poet
with my chinky looks?
i know i can't look like any indian maps like him
and his map of Bombay
but still my surname Chingangbam
rhymes with Chidambaram

who is calling me now?
Is it my LIC agent fren Chaoba?
I have told him already
i neither have intention to have children
nor ready to make some one rich after i die
when i have such a miserable life
when i am alive.

Who is calling me now?
Is it my underwear
that i left wet and torn by the bank of imphal river?
How the hell does he get my number?
I told him already he didnt fit me.
Now i got bigger balls
just to have big fights with the world.
And i feel much better
without wearing underwear

Who is calling me now?
Is it the police
for i write i hate them?
I still hate them i wont pick up their calls
they are dogs just like me
the difference is i am not owned by anyone

who is calling me now?
Is it the underground people
who wanted to produce my songs
without my knowledge
for they think i am a left.
No! i dont need their help
whether i am left or right
or up or down
I am fine with my songs

Who is calling me now?
Is it my ex lover?
doesnt she know
i need a good liver
just like anyone ?

who is calling me now?
Is it my newly married engineer fren thoiba?
I am tired of listening to his sex life stories
I dont care if he uses strawberry flavour or not
i dont care his wife over reacts or not.

Who is calling me now?
Is it God
trying to tell me he doesn't exist?
I am already convinced he doesnt exist.
Please let me sleep
it is 4.10 am in the morning