rest in peace

i was lying down next to the rocky sea beach
in bombay
i hated the climate but scared of the wild waves
i was half asleep
my cellphone vibrates suddenly
and it said ' your grandfather died last night'

i remember him
cycling every corner of imphal
his favourite black wide umbrella
and his faded coat
which gave him the warmest hug ever
his garden was his life
the guavas, plums and mangoes
of the garden
like pearls to him
the pond look greenish
the bubbles pop up against the spider
and the water hyacinth
the cleanest pond i ever saw

he was Irabot's comrade
he hanged his picture
between lenin and stalin
he was crazy about football
he was deaf and happy

i thought i have saved my sister from cancer
but it has taken away my old grandfather
he was suffering but never ever reflects
my old grandfather died
may his soul rest in peace
i will miss you, pupu
i will miss your story
of history of communism in manipur

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