rainbow or wedding night

it is our wedding night
you are too shy
i wont touch you
but i'm not shy
you smile like a new sun
rises behind the hills in the east
after begging heaven for so many years
after i shed all those tears
just for you to say to me
i am stupid

your fingers' like infant's
seem so soft
is it the finger that pointed to me
in the crowd,
among the poems of hatred?
is it the belly that touched me
while we walked under
your favourite yellow umbrella?

the moon shines on the window curtain
you look out through the window
as innocent
as kid watching the season's first rain

you smell sweet like jackfruit
the warm body i can feel
your perfect smile like crimson sky
you hush.

I ask myself:
am i the same one who loves being wild
who loves sound of lonely waves
hitting the cracked bank?

the nature seems perfect now for me.
you remain motionless
like a pyramid
like a spider waiting for his prey
but you wait for nothing
your silence tells me a lot
as i know you,
or you never let me know

thanks for being with me
in this wonderfull wedding night
the first wedding of mine.

i want to touch you
but i am scared to know the reality
if it is a dream
then i am dreaming again
for everything
i cannot reach
like things are rainbow

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