Nothing is right

Nothing is right
I cough like i am eighty

she got nice fingers
every time i cough
she would stare at me
like I am a cancer patient
she would offer me a glass of water
when i want is her love

Nothing is right
I am on a plane flying back home
i walk out of the plane as it lands
She says "Thank you" with a smile
I say "you got lovely fingers" coughing

They say they are not lover

I dont know
what all they do inside the room
locked up whole day
they say they are not lovers
they cook together
i hear them through my kitchen
talking about pressure cooker

I dont know
what all they do inside the room
they come out with wrinkles on their shirts
they never seem to have combed their hairs
they say they are not lover.

These Rats

the rats cry me a river
biting my old cassette player
as they pity me
when they see me
married to my blanket 
through out the winter in bed
O how i hate these rats
I am going to pet a cat

I just heard him

I just overheard a rickshaw puller telling his wife "dont worry darling, this world is run by fools calling themselves politicians, doctors, engineers, professors, artistes, etc. and they are sleepless ,,u know..,,but we sleep our nights calm with dreams...may be we have sweated so much,,,still we sleep well...lets make love tonite ,,,lets make sure our babies  dont become one of them..."

Confession of a Liver

Dont blame me for all the drinks
Dont blame me for being so drunk
It is my fucking Liver
He is so suicidal unlike me
who has been promised by my lover
a bright future with lots of money
and babies

when i am into my senses
I heard my liver scolding me
"Akhu, why do u wanna live so long
U have lived enuf
and this is a fucked  world
U cant change it
all U love is sleeping
all U love is dreaming
forget ur dead farmers
many will die ...beleive me
they are all indians

I tell u again this is a fucked world
u dont even have to read the newspapers
u dont even believe in God to carry on
with all the beliefs and lies

tell ur lover
not to waste money buying you ur undergarments
u dont need them at all still
Tell ur lover
not to waste money buying books for you
books wont do anything good to you
they will make u sleepless
stop reading latin poetry
stop everything, it is pointless
just drink. smoke a lot
nothing much left to do
stop blogging
stop writing bad poetry
ur english sucks
ur manipuri poems, no one cares..
stop singing
stop crying
stop worrying
stop abusing ur frens
just ask urself
u love drinking..

I know u dont wanna sleep
with women anymore
u r not even virgin to wait
for the right woman

I am a liver and reddish brown in colors
like any great revolution
yet i wanna be white
like dead children in ghost movies
I am protected by ur rib cage
yet I am sucidal
I am rubbery, i can take shapes
yet i am suicidal

this country is not gonna do anything good for u
what makes u wanna live
drink for me
make me wet
and put a fucking big full stop in your life
Akhu! dont be stupid
Drink everyday
Everyone is a liar
except me

dont worry for ur parents
they will make it,,
dont worry for ur lover
she will find a better person
with a better liver""

Busy Cooking

I am busy cooking
I shud not be fucking disturbed
becos I am not trying to change your world

Finance Me

Finance me, Ill sing for you
just like you are a Vietnam war returned Hero
even if there is no war

O my liver

Oh my Liver!
My lover is crying a river
for you
for the damage done to you
by all these Sekmai and Anro booze

an alcoholic liar

Do not believe what the science books say about nights
The truth is I gave the night Sun away
in one drunken night to my lover
along with my soul,
she ran away with the Sun refusing my soul.
.Since then you have nights
Since then my soul rhymes with alcohol

without poetry

Without Poetry
All i have is poverty
and also I am ugly

I will walk away

Some day soon I will walk away
I am done here
this world is not mine
this country is not mine
this love is not mine
this poetry is not mine
this music is not mine

Someday I will walk away
I will name all the dogs in the streets
and kill them eat them one by one
this is what this world do to us
they give you names
and kill you, electrocute you
shoot you, rape you, hit you.

Someday i will walk away
i forgot what i promised to my parents
i dont remember names of my friends
i dont remember my way back home
i dont care for what they die for
death is over hyped

Someday i will walk away
i am not ready to marry any widows
I am not a good man
I am neither sad nor wet with sweat
someday i will burn this town
someday i will kill them all
burn them all along with chillies

someday i will walk away
i dont know where
i dont know when
but i will walk away with out poetry in my head
I will walk away empty
I will walk away dead
I will walk away with alocohol in my veins
I will walk away

It was love

For me it was all for love
For her it was a daily routine
I dont know who is Laishram Kala
but his two sons were beaten up by police men
she said
“you know! mistaken Identity!”
I rode her to Kwakeithel Kongjengbam leikai
she carelessly sat on my Honda CD 100
unlike other flamboyant girls
who will refuse my bike
unlike other lovers who often say
to each other “I love you”
we dont say any thing
we just say it thru our fingers
with our blocked noses at nights
seperated by miles and miles
Seperated by many of her patients
and buildings and sleeping beauties

Her breast touched my back
i could feel it through my jacket
we found Laishram Kala's place
she said “how will u leave me here alone?”
I knew i would wait for her
She went and started a conversation
leaving her rucksack with me
i saw her noting down things
talking to the victims
and i found myself noting down all the things
we have had in past many months in my mind.

I met her when i was alcoholic
We are being seperated by lovers
We are being seperated by Imphal and Delhi
We are the victims of ourselves
We cried to each other
we tried to act strong to each other
we acted like we were fine many times
but we both knew we want each other

She walked towards me with a lady
i though she was done
then she showed her two sweet fingers to me
meaning she would take two more minutes..

my waiting continues
i looked around not for her .
i saw the yellow mustard flowers blooming
against the barbed wires
I saw two little bees humming
may be they were teasing me for my wait
I saw a black puppy smelling its own arse
i saw a pond full of water hyacinth ...

There she came out
and we headed back
wish i could tell her I enjoyed waiting for her
and I will enjoy it whole of my life
I will love to write whole of my life for her
such lousy poems

Sometimes she said “I love all your poems
I love them better when they are about me ”
She said them all with a giggle
To me the giggle was her smile

ah our telephonic love conversation
at such night does nothing good to me and her
I know she must have been staring at the emptiness
inside her mosquito net just like I do
just to write this poem.
when she speaks with her nose blocked
I wish my hands could reach her
i wish i could smell her skin
and whisper in her ears “what went wrong
that i dont have you now in my arms”

Fuck you Imphal

Imphal, I know
you have never this alive.
All your folks are merry making
your heart beats with all the bomb blasts in joy
Your sky always looks blue
Your poets always love you
Like Thanil
of Pacha's Imphal and Its Weather Report.
Flags of your political parties
wave in joy in your dusty gunpowdery air

But I tell you now
standing upon your heart with my leather boots
Fuck You Imphal
Fuck your people
Fuck their campaigns
Fuck their cries for justice
Fuck them all
Fuck the NGOs
Fuck the police men
Fuck the 28 Assam Rifles in MU
Fuck all the professors
Fuck your Wakching rain
Fuck your surrounding hills
Fuck your fuck
Fuck you before you bleed again
on BT Road
Fuck you before another 18th june comes
Fuck you before another Sharmila comes
Fuck you before another Chitaranjan burns himself on Tidim Road
Fuck you your merry making drunken fools
Fuck you your corrupt politicians with their corrupt wives
Fuck you for your forgetfullness

She loves America

She loves America
She introduced Ginsberg to me
when i was a little boy
and I learn to hate America from Ginsberg..

The other day
I saw her with America
and now i know why she left me
so proudly and honestly

she said dont cry in front of me Akhu
i hate to see you cry
and drink less, change your trouser
keep writing poems for all the girls

She loves to wear fine dresses
i saw her in her finest coat with America
sporting a french cut
standing at copernicus marg

But never she has heard of Nicanor Parra
and his lines “USA
Where Liberty is a statue”
oh I am little jealous

I am little jealous
as in my hometown
Revolution is a tall building
and I am not America

a sad man in bed

I drink too much' i say to myself
every morning before i wake up
but i have nothing to sing
I am a sad man in my bed,
abusing the rats
listening to Blind Pilot.

I give blood, they give me orange juice
i give poetry, they give me weather report
they say “dont go out
it is a sad cold winter day
with teary eyes blinded by fogs.
cook something good
do u still have spring onion?
boil some cauliflower with peas and tomatoes
don't worry for your empire
winter will take care of it
with its coldness
no corpse will get spoilt

do something good for urself
trim your moustache
you have been eating with it
stop singing
“Why dont u just die
why dont u just stop living?
What is the point in life?”

you are a patient
your pillows know it all
you forget the name of the city
dont go out dont walk away
no matter how much a man walk
he will die with his body
not with the names of the roads
there is nothing wrong with the city
nothing right about the city
it is you!
It is your sleep that walks away
you are a dead man in disguise
there is no music left in you
you have had them all played many times
when you hated lovers
when you failed to be one

just learn to sleep
dont walk away “

love is older than your grandfather

Love is older than your grandfather
dont act like you have never heard of it
dont act like it is new to you

Love is older than your folks
when i say i love you
respect it, dont just deny it