again we choke

Again we choke
this time for the Sardar Hills

last time it was for something
im not remembering anything
as i am choking dying

i see the potatoes rolling
up and down
in the hills and valley
boasting around for its price

I see some of the people
worrying bout Anna's fast
when the highways
have been blocked
reminding them
they are not part of this country

let me buy a bowl of rice
whenever i want at the right price
before i die

Accept me with all my blood
and history if you want me
as your country man

dont tell me Im not choking
when you fast not for me


you buy cars
you build houses
why? why?
look at that pull-cart puller
at day time he sells vegetables on it
at night he sleeps on it
under the moonlight

haven't you learnt
anything about Economics?

lost my big heart

to worry
all the people
i know
i thought
i had a big heart
But that little girl
with the tiny eyes
at Dhanaulti
she took away
my big heart
squeezing herself
that very
conjested Tata Sumo.
and i came
back to this city
with no heart
No wonder,
I hate you all now

dont you dream of me

dont you dream of me?
I often dream of you
with a thin and rich handsome man
you two read each other your atm bills
like poetry we read together
in many sleepless nights

if your dream of me
please be it the ones of making love with you
i miss your body
I miss the touch of your golden chain on my chest
I miss you

Even in dreams
i fail to make love with you

in between

Between you and me
there are fifteen odd states
in this country dying
of poverty
killing each other for land and a bread loaf
and how can you just only see me and
tell me "you are the only one i love"

between you and me
there are thousands of automobiles and trains
mountains and rivers..
how can you still smell me and tell me
im lying when i say i dont love you

between you and me
there are hundred of handsome
and richer men who write correct English
who always carry condoms in their wallet
who look up the sky when they talk
even about small things like napkins
making every moment filmy
dont you love filmy moment?

between you and me
there are good poetry bad poetry
but none of them are of you or me
they are of old lovers
who died holding their hands
when they became eighty
but not for you and me
who believe not in love
but who love love

do not die my children

Do not die my children
on your way back home from school
this is a valley of corpses already
run by devils with guns
they preach your death in their propaganda
their politics is to kill you if you are innocent

Do not die my children
on your way back home from school
when you grow up
do not vote for this government
do not let this war mongers swim in your pond
they all love to drink your blood

for her

i heard of you falling in love
as u talk to me only when you fall in love
with some one else

but today it seems
no lovers of yours write you poems
such lousy poems

may be you are gone long ago
but you are stuck in my poems
dont blame me for this

we may not say hello
but if you find a poem somewhere:D
talking of yellow, thats for you from me

Choose one

all I need is a matchstick
but i have to choose 
which one to light;
this university
or this last cigarette

i know too many of them

I know too many rebels
who write long letters to the Prime Minister
when even love letters are not working
and I have got a problem with them

I know too many poets
who say they just write like that
but think they are the best
and i have got problem with them too

I know too many fathers
who say their sons will save this land
when they know it is not gonna happen
and i have got a problem with them too

I know too many lovers
who promise summer in winter
just before copulation
and i do that too, so no problem

As i grow older

As i grow older
i lose many friends
some of them through my punch
some of them through my politics
some of them through my poems

Im now left with very few
as i grow older
i will lose them all
and i will find myself alone
on my dying bed someday