Oh the Mountains

Oh the Mountains
they have lived so long
They have witnessed so much
But never have spoken a word

But me, lived three decades
and have spoken too much
have cried so much
have loved so much

Oh What a fool I am!
or  do the mountains forget to grow old?

They can't stop us

So what if the moon looks so fake tonite
we are for real
you can reach my hands with yours
i can reach your lips with mine
we fly kisses against the aeroplane
... we catch cold and cough it out
sipping lemon tea, talking of puppies
we will talk of death as long as we want
we will undress this country as naked as we want
with M.F. Hussain's brush,,
They can't stop us

listening to her

It is autumn
and everything falls
my hair too
but something lifts me up
every evening
listening to her
how she is so weak
got beaten up
by her younger sister
she needed a shower
for all the winter to come
so she skips her dinner
and ask me to courier
my melody to the one
with the words of revolution

yes she is funny
but she says i am the first one to say so
and i proudly agree
and say "i am a good observer"
and i kno i wud be dreaming again
of everyhting we talked

She got ugly toes

for months i was blocked
i could not think of a line
even when i know autumn is right here
even when i rallied starving
those streets of jantar mantar
but ur toes just showed me the way

you got ugly toes dear girl
i know ur daddy is rich
u have a good face and wears a nice smile
but no, ur toes are ugly
I believe in toes
if they are ugly
the person is ugly inside
and u got ugly toes
dont be friend with me
we better remain foe
but i got beautiful toes