Childhood lovers they were
holding hands
as the North East Express howled
over the Bhramaputra river
he brought her to Delhi.
three years later
She took him to Chandni Chowk
to sell him off (he had no idea)
like like those camels and goats
the buyer bargained

she asked "how much that would be in dollars?"
the buyer replied "aaah it wud be blah blah in dollars"
she said "Done!" and smiled and went


It is just an ordinary morning
my tooth brush met colgate as usual
i wash only my hair just to look like i bathed
(first cheating for the day)
before i locked my room
i stared at the mess
and convinced myself its me
and It rained like it was in hurry
i bicycled with my broken blue umbrella
i carried my kettle hanging from the handles.

got drenched in rain but liked it
and sitting on my chair
where i should be worrying
about vectors and tensors
I wondered about Sarajevo and Kosovo
and all the frozen corpses
from the documentary i watched..
this is how my morning is shaping up

sleeping pills

The best way to change the world is "to sleep", you know when you sleep you contribute peace to the world. Ask all the soldiers to sleep, make all the lousy politicians sleep, let those religious fundamentalists fall asleep. Hail Sleeping Pills! :D

there u go

There you go telling me
about things i dont know
"there are cherries blooming
in the streets of Tokyo
just before autumn comes
and kill them all"
and i know only of the things
in my town
"There in the streets of Imphal
the armies are patrolling,

such a masquerading sight it is.
there in the street of Churchandpur
a HIV positive girl is walking with a stick
singing her evening song
looking for her evening dose"