foot tapping love song

are there tears that you hide from the mirror?
are there liars that you still love and adore?
are there fears within love and lovers?
are there memories that stain like your scar?
are there nights that makes you cry and shiver?

look around,
to you no one's bound
dont get drowned, dont be down
you are still beautiful.

are there pains that make you strong?
are there hands that wipe your tears?
are there times you expect call from your love?
are there memories that scare you like cancer?
are there babies that i kill just for you?

i look upright
see a baby's smile
it's alright
i'm still suffering.

are there times that you cut your hand?
are there bloods inside your veins?
are there flood that wash your pain?
are there hatred for my words of anger?

i feel the air
been swimming for years
like a drowning deer
i'm still hiding tears.


FRED said...

Hello ?

This is a nice poem...

Do U got me ?

Somebody feels also like this

serenity said...