hate ants

I hate these red ants
they dont respect art
they climb all over
Kala Ghoda Poems
and Andy Warhol.
They think of themselves
as revolutionary, i think.

not fine

My ankle is swollen
I missed my lunch
the noodle was too spicy
and rubbery
the lady gate keeper left her
walkie-talkie on
and somebody
is singing in Thai in it
when i dont get to speak meiteilon
at all days and nights.
I saw her online
but my skype crashed

this is me
and i cant say life is fine

away from this Planet

I got to shift away from this Planet
i dont like anyone here
i dont like to read about Israel and Palestine
i dont wanna know America is a whore when it comes to oil
i dont even wanna write about it
i got to write it somewhere

To Be Contd

A Poem

i want to be a poem
written for you (with my names in it)
and read by your cracked lips

Drunk Lover- Me

The first day we met
i was drunk
and you said i was funny

Now whats wrong with you?
i have been drunk for nine months
and u look very angry all the time

Tomorrow is world poetry day

while having my usual night walk
listening to Finnish folk music
three dogs jumped out of a bush
and chased me down the lane

... one for not bothering bout poetry day
one for not trying to learn Thai
one for not wearing underwear
I guess!

Here the dogs always pick me out
and chase me..
how do they know I am an Indian
who dreams to eat Indian Army's dog meat
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Public Television

I am a public television
like one of those in railway platform
whether you watch me or not

I will keep reporting
of my own heart breaks
and torn pockets

I dont care of people around
like Indian Media.
I will report of my undergarments

I dont care who are dying
at my left and right.
I will report of my lover's puppies

I am a public television
I will go on
I don't care it is day or night

Lost in Thailand

I am lost in thailand
but I dont mind it

The other day a girl came up to me
and asked me “u want a lift”
I said 'yes'
“where do u wanna go?”
“where ever you go”
but she left me at a bar called “so say”
where the live music band sang in thai
I asked the waiter
she said “it is about roses”
a Vietnamese girl came up to me
selling a bunch of white roses
while I was wondering
should I smoke or not .
I bought a rose
for ten baht
but no one to gave it

I am lost in thailand
but I dont mind it

I turned on the television for the first time
in my room
I saw my country's beggar sitting in row
somewhere in Bombay
and the subtitle said
“The beggars will soon be part
 of an Art exhibition”
oh how I hated it..
but what can I do about it
I am lost in Thailand
I turned off the television
and switched on my earphone
and listen to Icelandic music
and slept off

I am lost in thailand
but I dont mind it

I heard the news
one of my frens passed away in his sleep
what can I do about it
I am lost in thailand

I heard of many atrocities
 back in my hometown
what can I do about it
I am lost here
the govt is back in its power
what can I do
they will kill more and more
what can I do
I am just a foreigner here
loving every bite of my meals here
I am lost drowning 
in the gravy of Suki yaki
what can I do if u are not drowning
 but dying somewhere

To my darling

the dogs here are unlike Indian dogs
they dont wave their tails
They dont have a reaction

They dont bark like the ones in your campus
But they stare at me like I am just fallen from the sky
i think they need to be fed Tiger biscuits.

The bikes here dont have clutch
So they ride holding drinks in one hand
the pineapples taste like the ones from my hometown
small and sweet just like you too.
there is nothing in my room
except a sofa set and television that i dont use
i dont have a kitchen

i miss cooking for you
I miss my pressure cooker and its whistles
i miss seeing you eat hot rice
with the steam blurring your spectacle.

I like to think i am lost here
but in a good way
everyone is happy
no one talks of politics
everyone loves their king
they pray for the queen
and i am losing my politics
struggling with chopsticks
 everyday and night
the other night i write a song
i wanted to be political
so the chorus is
"I will catch bullets with chopsticks"
and named it "chopstick blues"

Poetry has been replaced
by mystery of the Universe
or i can't write poetry in higher altitude
i am on fourth floor
Poetry has stopped coming to me

my colleague took me to a river named Khek
which is 37kms away from the University
and i peed inside the river
so i have peed inside two rivers so far
the first one was Imphal River,
it was many years ago
when  Imphal was as innocent as my pee
but this time it was the whiskey called Regency
it just tasted like some single malt expensive scotch.

An Italian professor arrived today
they all said he is a great physicist
and he goes to church every sunday
he wanted me to talk about my work
i wanted to talk about my country
i have loved my country so much
that i can't see it bleeding
but i talked crap for what i will be paid for

I dont like sea foods
they taste like rubber
or like chewing rubber
I miss the smell of my kitchen
my room now has grasshoppers
they are black in colors
i think they like to watch
thai pop music channels
they sit still for hours in my sofa
staring at the television
while i watch the channel for girls
I wonder have i really killed
 all those rats in my delhi kitchen
with that poison.
did they nose bleed to death?
are they all paralysed and gone mad?

almost everyday here i have iced cappucino
cos other coffees i dont know in cafeteria.
They love ice here.
They love noodles here....
They say lives here are simple
as transparent as their glass noodles

I dreamt of Joseph Kony

Last night
I dreamt of Joseph Kony
(blame all the news and posts).
Somewhere near Mayang Imphal
I met him in a tea hotel
Called "Ibemcha Tea Hoten"
He said reading Poknafam
"No one fasts in Uganda against me
Or against my Army.
And see! you have a lady fasting
For 12 fucking years
Against the Army and the Act
And no one knows about it.
Why don't u call Jason Rusell??
He may start something like
"Invisible Chinkies"
Or cry at Obama's feet
They will send you American forces"
Oh Joseph !
You dont know anything.
They are the armies
Of my own country
Who salute at the tri-color flag.
By the way, Joseph!
You look a lot like our own Joseph
From Nokphadey
Poknafam- An Imphal based Newspaper
Nokphadey- A comedy video film series produced in Imphal during nineties but still a big hit. Joseph is one of the actors in it.

Spring here

It is spring here
the trees are not confused
to accept the new leaves
like i am so confused
the evening wind smells
like woman's shampooed hair
the insects have invaded the tube light
in my balcony
the crickets are louder
the water melon seller lady smiles
like never before
she knows i want water melon
the pineapples are getting cheaper
it is spring here
and i become a foreigner
and i look a lot like them
unlike in my own country

Am i that dirty?

Go to Toilet
u see a roll of tissue paper
Go to restaurant or bar
u see tissue paper looking out for your hands
out of a funny box that may have a face of an elephant
Go to 711
all u see is Tissue paper
u take a ride in somebody;s car
u find tissue paper...

Life is so dependant here on tissue paper.
Are u that dirty??