War Cemetery, Imphal

O! foreing soldiers
i pity you all
you just become another brick
where the lovers turn their back on
or hang their inner garments

reading your names
even the kids know
you don't belong here
as surname ends with no "m"

Why dont you tell these living soldiers
to go away before they die like us
or they want the guns to salute their awful coffins?

bomb me

arrest me
my mind is a revolutionary one
it is going to explode anytime

Or Bomb me
with all your grenades
with all your smart ass agents

I have written my own epitaph
"To the generation
i have left my revolution
to prostitute you all"

Junky Poem

Nights we know are dark
Days we have survived are bloody
and how can you ask me not to drink

Air we breathe stinks
food we eat rot in our mouth
and how can you ask me not to smell her bosom

To the tourist

Forget about Chandni Chowk
Forget about Jama Masjid and Lal Qila
Come to my Imphal
Don't forget to bring your Sony camera

You drench in the rain of Imphal
or you take a bath in Imphal river
and take snaps in different pose
and show them to your grandchildren
they will believe you are a war returned hero
even you are all wrinkled and withered


Time never knocks at your door
it never arrives, never departs

Time will never treat you like a stranger
yet it will never greet you
like a morning cup of tea with steam

Time is a spinning wheel
but you never come back to the point
where you started
Instead you get older and older
while time remains young
with your memories of childhood

Hell to the ticking clocks
Hell to the big city clocks
without them too
time never stops

Even if the human civilization shatters
Time will never depart

Time marries not the sun but the Universe
Time never climbs to the church bell
it is you that announce the death
and ring the bell saying "it is the time to mourn"

It is you, Human Being
and your awful agony
that surrenders to time
Thinking it is your enemy