with this poem

With this poem
I throw away the memories of her
in my polythene of garbage
with the left over spoilt rice

I know the memories
will often come as my heart is soft and tender
like that of jackfruit tree leaves
but i dont care
I will throw them away continuosly
like i pour down every peg of whiskey
in my little dry throat.

She lied she lied
when she continously said to me;
'you lied you lied'

With this poem
I deleted every pictures of her
from my sister's camera
from my netbook

With this poem
I erased the memories of last september
I erased the memories of me and she
in holy family hospital

with this poem
I burnt her two black panties
which were of no use to me
other than reminding of how she smelt

\with this poem
I sit right now in my stair
where the dog left his paw marks
Time says 2.19 am
as I write this
But i dont give a fuck

with this poem
i call it a day
but a 400ml of whiskey bottle
awaits me lying on my bed
like my whore

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