SUnday Rain Walk

Abe woke me up
saying "wake up dada
see the sky is dark, so unsual
can't you smell the dust?
dont your hear the sky thundering
like a mad dog in the deep of night?"

I asked "what's wrong with him?"
she laughed "You are more blue than the sky i know"

I woke up lazily with the heaviest heart on earth
My breakfast was Officer's Choice
I woke up
with thoughts of her, the pink girl, the tomato salad loving girl,
rememebring how she made me felt like a a very shy school boy
at Namdunlong church
she stared at me
i stared away at the window 
half blinded by her hair
neither straight nor that wavy
Jesus saw it all,
He is dumb that's why he is silent
all these months
other wise he would have translated
why i said "I like you"
I meant 'I love you"

Yes, with thought of Ma Cabin Hoten too
where I saw the fine lines of her lips
where a bowl of chicken curry 
played the most undelicious curry
on earth...
the tea was sweet like her,
the ladies in front of us with the kid
I didnt care of,

But it is too late
I miss the bus
There is no point of seeing Ripe Mangoes
in the vegetable market in spring
Upon the pull-cart
when people talk of cucumbers. 

But I dont care
I have decicded to be a full time poet
and never will write about banana i see
cos i hate to eat them or peel the for others
I will write of things i love 
I will cry of things I dont get

As i no longer care of things around me,
Let the world rot
like my own jeans soaked in the bucket of water
for days before Binayak Sen got bailed
I will not  dream to handshake anymore with lady Roy
I have got my big things with no gods
unlike her small things with gods
i have to take care of them..

I will not care of the world
when i sleep with scent of whiskey
when i wake up with table full of pegs

with all these thought
I walk in rain with my CMB umbrella
spitting in rain in my lane
thinking of writing this poem
but i know people who read this wont get it
they are as shallow as my neigbor's pond
in Imphal with some unwanted fishes in it

And if you think there are grammartical mistake in the poem
or i have mispelt the words
Blame the Keyboard of this computer
not me or my dirtynail fingers
You know, I write when i want to write with my heart
and my heart doesnt lie
nor it cares where Im
Even if im at Lakshmi Cyber Cafe...

And Poetry is all i got
dont ask me to stop writing
Im sorry if i have used you in this poem
but I use only the things i love in my poetry
unlike the History, you know, filled with hate 

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