My Mobile Phone

Every time i get drunk
I take it out of my pocket
if i am walking
or pull it from under the pillow
If im overdosed with cheap rum
and call the girl i love
call the girl who loves me
we will talk for 40 minutes
we will wish each other
I will also talk mad
I will say I like her

But I slammed the phone on the walls
many time when my ex said "Im a loser"
when i fought with drunken frens
in drunken nights of delhi

I remember the day the girl i love called me
when i was having a drunken auto night ride
on ring road smoking the snatched bidi
from the driver's lips

She said" You never acknowledge my love
i dont think you care of me
There is a boy who loves me
i must start seeing him soon
Take Care..keep wrting poems
I love them all as much as  love you"

I replied "Ok good, Have a good life"

I reached home and slammed the poor cheap phone
on the walls where i slammed my head before i owned a fone
it got broken into pieces like my own shattered heart
next morning i picked up the pieces
Yet it worked except the LCD...

It never betrayed me like my own poems
after fifteen days i repaired it
and deleted all the fone numbers of the girls i knew
i loved i hated i admired i envied...

since then it has clean like my throat at this moment
which was just rinsed by 250ml of whiskey

And How unkind i have been not to write a poem
for my own mobile phone,,,

It is new year and here Im writing it
for my mobile phone,,,
stay with me till i slam you again

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