April Fool! Susaina!

It is 29th February
and I become Irish
propose me
ask me "Will you marry me?"

April Fool.

I have forgotten Manipur
when i see you,
listen to the irish music
look at the irish rose i grow in my head

April Fool

You and i shall never get married
till they repeal AFSPA even if im irish
you shall never conceive my child
as there are stray bullets and dogs
in the air, in the streets

April Fool

If all the lies I whispered in your ears
had colours
you would not need a jewellery
No silver No gold
You would have been too colourful
for the bloody streets

April Fool

Pound me with your high heels
Grind me in your kitchen grinder..
I can't be the bull anymore to till your irish soil
Let me be the onion to make your eyes cry
even if i fail to make you cry your heart

April fool

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