Im a lousy poet

Im a lousy self styled Poet.
.dont come closer,,
you will end up in my poems
crushed between commas
or punctuation,
followed by meaningless verbs

Im a lousy self styled drunken poet
yet want to be thin and rich
may my poems speak of something else
that even the dogs dare to bark
I lie in good ways
but never wrote a poem to please someone
Im just lousy in my way
in your perspective
I dont have any adjectives
Im just a lousy poet

dont call me
I dont have a new phone yet
the old one is still naked
you may speak of love and tender
but my naked fone recieve it in nude
they will end up in poems
titled like "Naked Poems"
How lousy Iam

Water melon are subjects of my poems thesedays
I dont remember a bit of Imphal anymore
except the criss crossed wires at electric poles
at Alu Gali
Im rootless
I am dying with no religion
like the mad man who hangs around his neck
a wall clock at Shamu makhong
who keeps telling others
His time is more acurate
than the one atop GM Hall.
Im a lousy thrity year old man
who claims to be a full time poet

Dont hang around my room
Im not gonna write about you anymore
till im in my good mood
I dont care of my English
i m not gonna write anymore
for my lover but for the dopers
who hide by the bank of Imphal river
with syringes and tablets or bullets

Im a lousy poet
dont read me
it may give you a different meaning of life
and you may become as lousy as me
but Im sure Im not one of you
cos Im a lousy poet

April is in its midway
And here comes good friday,
for me an Omen
as it is dry day
and within the month
my heart broke twice
i recover it  last friday,
watered with Romanov
Still im lousy
Yet Im sure Im not one of you

Im a lousy poet
i thot of myself as Sisyphus
long ago
remembering how i kicked up
the pebbles on my way atop
now I know
Im a lousy  Poet
with no editors or publishers
cos Im not one of You poets

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