the economist

The economist is a good economist
he has a good looking daughter
with well combed hair
sometimes they are oiled too

he writes weekly in the Newspaper
except that i stop reading it
as news of raping prostitutes
have been reduced

He is a good fren of armies
he listens to them carefully
and never forgets to ask for Jack Daniels
He is a good economist

He listen to them say
“your state needs more BSF ”
He shakes hands with them
He makes fren with revolutionary too

He is a good economist
He knows both the sides
He writes good english
He earns good money

He manages seminars in the University,
about the State being freed from Militarization,
where there is an Army Camp
He sees students among armies everyday

Highway 39, 37 is his topic of writing
Sometimes he praised the Cheif Minister
saying there had never been anyone like the current one
Never forgetting how to become VC of the University

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