6 am

6 am
I needed nicotine
i got down from my flat
there was only two shops opened
mine was not opened
I am very particular about
from where i buy my things
like a thin black drug user
in hollywood movies
who is very particular about his supplier
i just dont smack
anything just like dat

So i waited for my shop to open
the owner came in yellow shirt smiling
behind his thick black moustache
greeting me “Oye Ronit”
D or T, he doesnt care...

he pulled up the shutter
and the first thing i saw inside the shop
was the thing that said “STAY FREE”
in big bold letters
and in smaller letter
it said “SECURE”
and i suddenly envied those girls, ladies, women
who get to use something that say “stay free”

What a luck a man has
we get things that say “Just do it”
and who knows where against the wall
or in the bushes of thorns...

i got my nicotine
with a free poem in my mind
and came back whistling

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