8 am

8 am
just got back
from my usual morning walk
Oh! i dont walk evry morning
i walk only when i had a sleepless night

i saw an 8pm bottle
crying out its emptiness on the road
when the dogs urinated in it

i saw the old man sitting
shrunken withered
behind his thick glasses
betrayed by his own shop
where he once bullied me
while buying eggs
(he gave me broken ones)
now he is not allowed
to open the shop without his son
as his eye sight is very weak
and cant see the difference
between 100 and 500

though he noticed me and said
“why dont u cut ur hair, bahadur? ”
i screamed back as he is bit deaf
“I am not bahadur”
“how does it matter?
You still make chowmein
i have seen you buying noodles”- he said

oh what a stubborn old prick is he
in his withered nuts

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