5 am

5 am,
bored very bored
not sleepy at all
not at all

The dharma bums became just another book
Bukowski was too old to excite me
Tenzin Tsundue was too much about refugee

i decided i wll have the darjeeling green tea
remembering what my neighbor said
“Green tea are for intellectuals”
So i decided to be an intellectual at 5 am
naked and ant bites all over my body

entered the kitchen
the basin was full with unwashed plates
i peeped insde the pressure cooker
something was spoilt
i cudnt fgure out...
i smelt it...yet i ddidnt know what was it
i didnt remember what i cooked two days back
but knew for sure it was rotten like hell

so rinsed the plates and pressure cooker
while the tea boiled
two little mouse came out
they too have decided to be an intellectual like me
It seemed

but i shooed them away..
with the pressure cooker lid
as im very particular about who else
are inetellectuals around me

and i sipped the tea standing in my balcony
flirting with the Sun-less- not-so dark sky
and believed “The Sun is a shameless Bitch”
as it comes up everyday .....

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