To Jayanta (18th July)

do not cry for this land
this land was never yours
it was for those who died
in the east pakistan
it is still for them who hold guns
do not cry Jayanta
The night is all yours
if you can sleep
Look at your lover
Watch her cooking
or you cook her the best hawai in this city
the whistling pressure cooker
is whistling for you.
Hold her tight
She is all that you got to lose
and you belong to her
Watch your love stitching the broken hearts
watch her wearing white
to tame the unknown patients
in the Hospital
ask her to open your heart,
your not so open heart

Do not cry Jayanta
listen to Ginsberg's poem
you will smell the scent of marijuana
even when he cries
against this heterosexual world.
and yes you will laugh at his obsession
to asses of 14 year old boys

Or look at the mirror
throw away your spectacles
thats you in the mirror
with two eyes and a nose
and the hair that stood
when you listened to me reciting poems
Thats you!

Look around
your freinds and brothers are getting married
all they care is for life insurance
learn from them
there is lot more to do than wondering
and crying for death.

Don't cry
Just call your lover
through your old nokia phone
tell her how you wish the dead poets
to recite poems on your wedding day
how you wish to announce the day holiday
holiday for the students of Oinam High school
Tell her now you are not that lonely

She knows you travel up and down
from Nehru Vihar to Gurgaon
and you drop yourself dead
on the woolen bed sheet covered bed
in this summer, betrayed by monsoon
and she loves you
do not cry, just talk to her.

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