Love Letter (July 12th)

“I miss you again,
I have missed you many times
But not like this before
You were so close to me
In that angry crowd
I ran after you breathing hard
That I couldn’t smell your odor in the wind,
But the wind wouldn’t tell me where you have run
And I lost you again, as I have many times before
In the thin air, in the noise of cries and death
In vain I searched for you
I hurt myself hitting iron walls
I became soft like cotton
To the walls,
But to you I was impervious
That’s why you ran away from me.
Please come back to me
You complete me
I was born and made for you
I want to break into your heart
I can’t stop loving you.
Jut say your body is all for me
Not for anyone else.” - So wrote a bullet to me

I had to reply,
“Baby, I am still mama’s boy
Mama don’t allow me to have affairs
She doest even let me climb alone the stairs
And you are still a stranger to me
Keep missing me
Let’s collide when I am stronger
Let’s meet somewhere in the Jungles of Myanmar
There we can penetrate what we see and scream
Among the banana plants and poppies and bushes.
And by that time I will have many surprises for you
And I promise you I will remain a virgin
Let’s not meet at the coffee bar or market place
Our public display of affection will shock many innocent lives”

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