Bir Tikendrajit Road

O Brave Bir Tikendrajit!

You r heart is still thirsty

You are still the same hungry lion

My mother is pouring out all her blood

For you, gulp it slurp it

Ask her too for the flesh

She will never remind you

The land you died for.

She will never say a word to you

She is all yours

But you can never be a son to her

Look at your blood stained street

Still it will be walked

I must tell you

“It is just an incident to add a single orphan

In this orphanage”

Now you play the politics with bullets

Not with your blood stained sword.

Mother saved me

From your politics of bullets

I will grow up like any other orphan

Remembering this day and this road

But I swear to you Tikendrajit by my mother’s blood

That I will never pluck a flower for and from this land

I will never move a stone for them and you

And I will live till the day I see this land drowns

In my memory of this day

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