And to you (July 20th)

and to you
O radical activists
standing at your doors
waiting for the wrong doers
to slit their throat..
when they gift and present culture
to you like a birthday cake
to you whose stomach
is full with dal-makhani and strawberry ice cream,
you throw them away saying
"it is a shame"
and suddenly you draped your khamen chatpa
and like kailashpati you dance

O culture! your RSS-like culture
to it i surrender my khudei
to your radicalism
i surrender my life
Please think about life
before you think of culture
Please stand by Sharmila
not by the rivers of our great history
of tradition and culture
the sun didn't see your radicalism
when three souls from lukhrabi thong
haunted the street of Jantar Mantar
O! save lives first not culture
save yourself first before
you set others to fire

O radical activist
Clad in red khadi of Fab India
Discussions and Adda
With bottled Bisleri water
and cuppa chai
And rind of blue smoke
Trailing from your well prepared speech
Your preoccupation is overpowering
But why the fury at the delicate acrobats
and the soft limbed contortionist
We all have learnt this way
Trying to duck against whizzing bullets

O radical activist
I have learnt my lessons
I have packed my bags
with folders from your seminar
heavy with profound words, strong argument
I collect them hoping
to sell it with my old newpapers
that contains grainy picture of death
and everything else

(Written with Priya)

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