What we need is a 1000 voltage transformer
To make their chair an electric chair.

What we need to call our revolutionaries is KKK
What they need is a Bolivian diary
Not a corpse of a professor inside the campus

What the government needs for its logo is a gallows pole
Not a hand, not a palm

What we need is to re write
Pacha’s “Imphal amasung magi ishing nungshit ki fibam”

What we need is to walk naked on the streets
To stop them from stopping us
To show them we got our own weapon
To fight for our own race

What we need is not to commit suicide
To avoid Jewel of India, Manipur, Kangleipak, Meitrabak

What we need is to shoot cannon balls
Till the mountain slides and bury the highways

What we need is to chop our ears like Van Gogh
And present them to the Assembly Hall
And say “We don’t wanna hear anything anymore”

What we need is to masturbate
When politicians hoist the tricolor flag.

What we need now is to write on the walls
“It is the time YOU count death”

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