A Market

The old woman says,
“You have also arrived?
I can’t even sell yesterday’s
Please move to the next one”

Then they carry me further.

The next young woman said’
“Come closer, let me touch you…
You are still very fresh,
Oh, there is only one hole”

I look at my navel and said,
“Yes I have only one hole”

She said “You fool! You deserve to be here.
Whatever it is I can’t take new ones
I am closing from today
I have earned enough
I am going back forever to my town”

Again they carry me further

The next ugly fat seller says,
“I want half spoilt ones for my dogs
These days no one comes here to buy”

The next gluttonous man ask,
“who am I?”

Now I can’t answer
My mouth is filled with blood
I see black all around
Slowly the warm blood drips from my nose

But I hear them saying,
“He is one of those missing persons
Who turned up as dead militants?”

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