And now what I do is to write poetry

I write poetry because I can not talk what I feel

If I talk what i feel i will not only talk

I will scream like the lunatic kid Calvin

Of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes

For example if I say MLA

I will scream it so hard

That it will sound like “Mother Licker Animals”

Or “Money Licker Assholes”

And everyone know the consequences

Of such soothing melodic scream.

And my vocabulary is weak

I can not write all that I feel

And it automatically serves

As an act of censorship

So I write poetry

And I have never seen Ministers reading poetry.

Forget about poetry.

I have not even seen them reading newspaper

Even if they read,

They would react to the grammars, the punctuations

And the printing qualities

Like people react only at the times of election

For some hundred rupees

I write poetry because I feel drunk

By searching words

And these days only drunken men are excused

By bullets and demand letters

So you never heard poets having “Wakat Meefam”

In Manipur

When it comes to death

My old chap Thoiba said,

'Poetry got nothing to do with death

We have more to die.

We need people to die.

In Germany

So many Jews were torched inside church.

We will die, die! Die!

Unless someone shows up

And make Kanglasha sings

Like Chairman Mao made the Chinese cats

Sing ‘Mao, Mao, Mao’

Like Ho Chi Minh made the Vietnamese Lions

Roar “Ho, Ho, Ho””.

and Thoiba too is a poetry to me

which dissects poetry and death

who rejects his own death

but appreciate others' death

saying "it will all become a good history"

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Gathering of broken wings said...


i like the spirits and the intensity of the feelings you have of our homestate in you poem. keep writing because this is the only little thing we can do....the other little more thing is to die. so either we write or we die.we might just die writing also. we never know.