Cabbage Blues

After the harvest season,
he burnt the hay to ashes
used it as fertilizer for the field
that has sucked forty years of his life.

He grew the cabbages
betraying his wife and daughters
never ate a meal together
but drinking his own sweat
and eating his own muscles
all alone standing in the field
under the sun with one hand
holding a sharp spade

He smiled looking at the cabbages
popping out of the soil
like he was watching his own kids
growing up in a land of fairy tales.

He rented a bullock cart
loaded it with all the cabbages
and rode it to the keithel
singing his dream to the ox.
the ox waved his tail in his song
the wind from the mountains teased his song
blowing away his unuttered words
to the dry canals of his own field.

He reached the keithel
His eyes were suddenly blinded
by the mountains of cabbages
like piled up dirt from a sewage
The cows were not even eating them
they only smelt and turned away
towards soibum yonbi

his song went away incomplete,
he could felt the warmth of his own tears
realizing he was one of the few
in the noise of keithel who suffers
for tilling and toiling.

He spanked the ox with his stick
rode the cart to a nearby drain
and poured away the cabbages in it
Now the cabbages became skulls
that laughed at him;
"Cry, peasant,cry
You knew this will happen
you didn't grow cabbages
you grew human skulls"

He spat at them
and he swore by the sun
and by all his sweat
he wouldn't grow anything ever in his field
but guns and bombs

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