Castro Cafe Blues

The place smells of Black Coffee
The loud speakers play a music, they call it Sufi.
Somewhere in the corner
A lady in veil is sitting.
The professor she whispers
and says that lady in black, smokes.
They smoked together so often
that she doesn't see here veil now
And she sees her as a Symbol
of a rebel behind the veil.

And there lies the book
“We the Sinful Women”
on the table of the Lady Writer

The boys they talk
of the Gunned down youths
They murmur it was fake
as they light up another fag
They believe it was a fake encounter
and now they are no longer dreamers
Now they cry to talk truth
Now they bleed too
to show their blood is red
but on them nobody has faith
The media, they tell another tale
The boys, they cry they are trapped

And somewhere at the end of the Cafe
A young boy playing a Blues note
in his Guitar
and singing
“This is the Castro Cafe Blues
Which happens so close to me
So close to me”
And he goes on ....

PS:Castro Cafe is a cafe in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. It is dedicated to the great Cuban Leader Comandante Fidel Castro.

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