I am just a Kafir
Who drinks Whiskey
Every weekend..
Neither I believe in Communism
Nor in Orwell's criticism
Neither I admired Howard Roark
Nor I find him stubborn
I am just a Kafir
Who plays guitar
Sitting on the stairway
To my terrace..
I don't believe in night
As I remain awake
Wondering of Caligula
And sometimes of something else
which I cant tell you
'Cos i will be rated as 'A'
And I am a Kafir ...
I listen to Cohen's preaching
or Dylan's words
But I count not them
I look up to my girl friend
When i am broke
And feel like prostituting myself
Not only in terms of Money
She is also the best cook
(Please cook me Pork with Bamboo shoots)

I am just a Kafir
who admires Naked body
I suggest the world
to walk naked
to sleep naked
to eat naked
to cry naked
to fuck naked
to die naked
and we will be a better world
I cant give you reason
but I can name new season
according to my poems...
April is for Eliot and Idiots
who dreams of Spring
November is for Pork lover
October is for Russian
December is for Christ
and the whole season is for me
Cos I am just a Kafir

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