Ode to Loktak

you are beautiful
yet your surrounding is ugly
and I am silly too
to wonder about you
when to die drowning
into your crystal clear water
I love you
and I want to feel you
I know no swimming
I know no sailing
and that's all you need
to be yours
I could read the newspapers
I could dance like them
Now I am in love with you
and don't want to waste my time
don't want to hear them chime
don't want to write another song
for my mother
for my hungry stomach
Neither I now worry
nor am I sad
I just want to be with you
I want to reach the soil
Underneath you
I hate to see
the edge above you
drawn by the smokes
of guns and bomb
I hate to hear
the crying voices
across your beautiful surface.
I hate too the fighters
who fights for you to shine
They spit at you
They eat your breeds
why don't you ever listen
to my far away cries
I'm missing you
and dont you long for me
like the farmers for rain
like I longed for my daddy
in those chilled winter nights
I am enough to be yours
and walk upon you
to recite your beauty
I will filter those ugly stuff
when I tell your tale
Oh my love
embrace me tight
before the sky falls on my head
Your mountains
have become lifeless too
since the soldiers
have walked upon you...
and the man
who had loved you
has been killed
I am sure
that must have made you cry
in silent...
But now I am all yours
ready to leave everything behind
I will see you soon
keep the grasses clean
dont worry about the humming birds
you can sing them your lullaby
you can let them fly
the sky too is not that scary
it doesn't have its vivid look
it can never swallow you again.
altogether we can start a life
fishing and singing

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