The Blast in Imphal

This October
Is for the terror mongers
And I will remember only them
When Autumn breaks and fades in Pain
They cut people's salary
They fill the cemetery
With the corpses
Sometime too they blew buses
Where have all their dreams gone
Now their dreams are the ghosts
Who hides behind the torch
If there is a song I have to sing
I will sing
About feeding them
their Guns and Bombs
If there are mothers who don't cry
For their dead son
Than you know how many sons
Have been killed
Where is your fight
that will lead us to the light?
Are they any guns of yours
Which don't point at me?
In China the Chairman said
they have the spirit
to fight the enemy
to the last drop of their blood.
But here you are fighting
with people's blood.
And I hardly know now
Who is your enemy.
Are we your enemy
For saving our integrity,
For seeing Her fasting till today,
For not practising
what you have shown to us?
Are we your foes
for not singing Irabot's songs?
Who are you to kill us
Just like you want?
Come out and play fair
We will lay the stair
for you to come out of your dirty way.

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