it is raining

it's raining like it has never rained before
the sky's been dull, black clouds've been drifting
my money plant in my corridor becomes wild
spreading like my hair
i'm happy like hippies in woodstock '69

my neighbour's been smoking
everybody's been working like dog
me too busy like a bee in spring
wandering in rain in naked
my toes upon wet mother earth digging

and make me fall in love with everything
under this hazzy sky as if i'd never known love
i feel cold but my soul's happy
even if it's not fed with a proper love
my feets are dancing even if i crawl

march made me sick even if it was spring
june made me cry in tears with viral fever
i stood up in july with a new me
august reminds me my dark lady seeeing me off
i used to be loved ,true, pure and moody

now i rise from my mountains of blues
shine against the long dark cloud
hoping a rainy day again,
so rainy like Cheerapunji
there's no doubt
i'm happy
and sound like a reggae singer.

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