why the fuck the ducks walk like drunk?
why the fuck i'm too blunt?
why the bucks are so hard to earn?
why the bugs are not still burnt?

i'm screaming out my guts loud
but it is never too loud
wanna run away somwhere down to burma
wanna be a little monk without dharma
smoking lots of kabo bidi
wandering along the indo-myanmar border
whistling "go fuck yourself with your mother
go fuck yourself with your acts
go kill yourself with your bullets"

your civilization sucks
your mother is hurt
i'm happy with my plate of rice and farm
i'm busy with my loveless life and the dam
now is the twenty first century
all the cricketers can score century
still somebody is hungry
still somebody roams in naked on the street
down to earth
with the dreadlock hair
laughing and floating in the smoke of grass
nobody cares nobody
everybody fucks everybody
given a time and place
me too wanna fuck you all

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