I will walk away

Some day soon I will walk away
I am done here
this world is not mine
this country is not mine
this love is not mine
this poetry is not mine
this music is not mine

Someday I will walk away
I will name all the dogs in the streets
and kill them eat them one by one
this is what this world do to us
they give you names
and kill you, electrocute you
shoot you, rape you, hit you.

Someday i will walk away
i forgot what i promised to my parents
i dont remember names of my friends
i dont remember my way back home
i dont care for what they die for
death is over hyped

Someday i will walk away
i am not ready to marry any widows
I am not a good man
I am neither sad nor wet with sweat
someday i will burn this town
someday i will kill them all
burn them all along with chillies

someday i will walk away
i dont know where
i dont know when
but i will walk away with out poetry in my head
I will walk away empty
I will walk away dead
I will walk away with alocohol in my veins
I will walk away

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