Confession of a Liver

Dont blame me for all the drinks
Dont blame me for being so drunk
It is my fucking Liver
He is so suicidal unlike me
who has been promised by my lover
a bright future with lots of money
and babies

when i am into my senses
I heard my liver scolding me
"Akhu, why do u wanna live so long
U have lived enuf
and this is a fucked  world
U cant change it
all U love is sleeping
all U love is dreaming
forget ur dead farmers
many will die ...beleive me
they are all indians

I tell u again this is a fucked world
u dont even have to read the newspapers
u dont even believe in God to carry on
with all the beliefs and lies

tell ur lover
not to waste money buying you ur undergarments
u dont need them at all still
Tell ur lover
not to waste money buying books for you
books wont do anything good to you
they will make u sleepless
stop reading latin poetry
stop everything, it is pointless
just drink. smoke a lot
nothing much left to do
stop blogging
stop writing bad poetry
ur english sucks
ur manipuri poems, no one cares..
stop singing
stop crying
stop worrying
stop abusing ur frens
just ask urself
u love drinking..

I know u dont wanna sleep
with women anymore
u r not even virgin to wait
for the right woman

I am a liver and reddish brown in colors
like any great revolution
yet i wanna be white
like dead children in ghost movies
I am protected by ur rib cage
yet I am sucidal
I am rubbery, i can take shapes
yet i am suicidal

this country is not gonna do anything good for u
what makes u wanna live
drink for me
make me wet
and put a fucking big full stop in your life
Akhu! dont be stupid
Drink everyday
Everyone is a liar
except me

dont worry for ur parents
they will make it,,
dont worry for ur lover
she will find a better person
with a better liver""

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