Fuck you Imphal

Imphal, I know
you have never this alive.
All your folks are merry making
your heart beats with all the bomb blasts in joy
Your sky always looks blue
Your poets always love you
Like Thanil
of Pacha's Imphal and Its Weather Report.
Flags of your political parties
wave in joy in your dusty gunpowdery air

But I tell you now
standing upon your heart with my leather boots
Fuck You Imphal
Fuck your people
Fuck their campaigns
Fuck their cries for justice
Fuck them all
Fuck the NGOs
Fuck the police men
Fuck the 28 Assam Rifles in MU
Fuck all the professors
Fuck your Wakching rain
Fuck your surrounding hills
Fuck your fuck
Fuck you before you bleed again
on BT Road
Fuck you before another 18th june comes
Fuck you before another Sharmila comes
Fuck you before another Chitaranjan burns himself on Tidim Road
Fuck you your merry making drunken fools
Fuck you your corrupt politicians with their corrupt wives
Fuck you for your forgetfullness

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