december eight /3.55 am

December comes
and i know u feel colder than any one
come my love drink my blood
it is luke warm.
all my blood for you

the girl, i gave my blood to,
has got married and settled in America
now it is all for you
fill your veins with it
Let me replace it with wine and your love
Let me walk the empty night roads of delhi
Let me write of wine and love only
like Ghalib

Once i sat next to Ghalib's statue in a summer evening
and the lovers, they read out his poetry
and you came to leave me alone

since the day i hate to see the rickshaw puller
and you popped up on the very plate of shawarma
and i gave up loving you

but tonite Im sleepless
as it is gettng colder and colder
hope you are lying in some one's arms to keep you warm
hope you are not sleepless like me

Thank You for all these sweet memories
I will cherish them till this body withers
and fall into the coffin
Thank you tomba!

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