Confession of a drunk Men

I was drunk
that's why i sang laughing
talking to the girls of dead brothers

I was drunk
in my torn jeans
that's why i sat down on the stair
inside the bus
that's why they laughed at me
like i was a beggar

I was drunk
that's why i lied
so they dropped me at the bus stop
at 6am on 26th December

I was drunk
so i leaned on the fog
getting away of the smoke
from that filthy mouth

I was drunk
so i hid the morning and its coldness
under my skull cap
and brought it home
and slept with it
till it turned into a lonely evening

I was drunk
and i was singing my senses
so they wanted to take me to Silchar
and i said “I want to go to bangladesh too”

I was drunk
that's why i forgot Jesus on Christmas
that's why i was friends of all the drunk men

I was drunk
but i didn't slip off the chair
but the lady in wollen cap
she thought i did it
and she got her forehead swollen

I was drunk
that's why i cried standing
inside the DTC bus
cursing you all for no reason

I was drunk
that's why i gave away music chords of my heart
free to everyone i knew
to everyone who was drunk

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