Born to die: Boooooooo!

We were born to die
but why in the streets
why with the bullets

boo the armies
boo the bullets
boo the bombs

we were born to die
baby let me love you
before they take me away

boo away the hatred
boo away my drunkeness
boo away your sadness

we were born to die
but i dont wanna die under their boots

you were born to die
you wanna live till your skin withers
till your ears are deaf enuf
to miss your lover's whisper

like a flag after a storm

we were born to die
whether rich or poor
dont think twice
you can't be young forever

you can't write a song twice
but you can sing it hundred times
so while living such a life
protest hundred times
against the marching boots

Snatch freedom from the flying flags in air
make a human chain against the barbed wire

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