To the Armed Ones

The rivers with no water
The crying children, the King’s palace
The dying grandfathers
Water drops on leaves, flying birds
Butterflies in the garden
These are all for you
We are yours
The mother who sells vegetable is also yours
Aim your gun at us
Throw your bombs at us
We will die for you
We will live for you
Even the junkies are for you
They run when they see you
And you play hide and seek with them
And eventually they will lie on your boots

It is all for you
Take away the money in my pocket
Kill me whenever you want
Rape my sisters when you wish
It is all for you
Every blood I have in my veins
It will shed in the sound of your gun
My body will shiver
When your sword pierces me
I will be cremated on your land
To make your land a fertile one
With all my ashes
It is all for you
The wombs are for you too
Dig out the fetuses with your bullets
This land is for you
A land where sky meets earth
With the smoke, a bridge
With the tears, a river that climbs

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