Post Modern Times

In this post modern time
I see our pre modern
and modern literature drying out
at Rajesh Book store and Sahitya Akademi

And every one is dying a post modern dead
while everyone is making post modern love
wearing rubbers and rubbing cream
underneath the blanket of smoke and cries

A literary article says "post modern poets are the critics
of this Post modern society"
it says we write poetry
to record history,
so are we historians
of alternative history?

Falling of a post modern pomegranate
and the oozing sweet fluid with its smell
in the surface of a dreamland symbolizes our land
as Post Modern Critic says

Post modern Man dreams
a post modern dream
riding the post modern rickshaw
with fat post modern man behind him
with no beginning, no end
it just goes on like his post modern paddles

and post modern revolutionaries
are misusing the pre modern meaning
of revolution.
Pre modern whores are now
the post modern celebrities

'Post modern farmers have the luxurious lives'
the modern man said
massaging his own post modernly evolved legs
they have post modern machine to harvest
they have modern water pumps
they have post modern vehicles
and they grow only post modern paddy
not Moirang fou or Kumbi fou

"Unconditional Love is post modern
One night stand is post modern"
the post modern cultured people argued

Post Modern painters paint only stone age women
and smoke only Classic
Naked Woman is the beginning of everything
even the post modern is derived from it
Like Laiharaoba becomes post modern literature

30 years of pre modern
and 20 years of Modernism
and now post modernism
in which post modern death blooms
like flowers in different color
in which pre modern robbers and killers
become the Post Modern government
In which lazy post modern sons with class 8th grade
become the protectors of our post modern society

Post modern lovers are no more allowed
to sit at modern war cemetery
of the modern Japanese Soldiers
Post modern civil society organizations
do not want the pre modern culture to evolve
They talk to post modern phone
"the girls are wearing post modern mini skirts
the boys are wearing post modern cotton bras
Where is the image of our pre modern fanek"

Smoking pot is no more seen
the post modern way to reach the cloud
is to find veins in the post modern balls
and inject the post modern powders

In this post modern time
"everything is a loosing battle"
the post modern Christian said

and post modern singers like me
who are optimistic with our atheist heart
sing " we will still see post post modern society"

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