love in the time of killings

Don't tell them
I send this love letter
in this time of protest and killings

but to be frank
when the ground under my feet
is soaked in blood

I can no longer be hopeful
of my generation
except our love

How insane i am
to think of making love with you
when they are slaughtering my generation?

can you believe?

Our devil minister, chief devil
is waging war against us
handing Ak47s, SLRs, LMG to the mindless dogs

and all we have is a mountain of ashes
and he knows Mountains are famous for their silence
we can not wage war against him

He is not alone too

Delhi got this "Kill East Policy"
since then our lives are dicey
I have even given up to be so focussed about life

I believe for one last time
we must make love
and let it sprays on these streets

where i walk with fear
let our screams run in river
let our sweat be fuel to burn him alive

His and their bullets may be a big full stop in our lives
But our love will live forever
wearing our old clothes

I was just telling my freind
"So what, if we are soaked in blood
Our heart is still hungry to own a land of peace"

But deep down in me
I can't wait to see our love
throwing light in this age of darkness

Yes, it is the age of darkness
I am writing this letter sleeping next to you
and i can't see you and i dont know when will you receive it

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