Shaolin Boys yet non-commercial

We are the non-commercial Shaolin boys
Who have never seen the Chinese toys
Yet dream to sleep with Helen of Troy

We have learnt not to die out of hunger
we have learnt not to smile like beggar

But they made us strip on the road
But they made us sleep on the road
yet we walk with pride not like dog

we were told good stories about our folks
about the times of Women War and Irabot
By the fireside we could feel the cold
coldness of the death, yet so bold

And we walk with pride, yet jobless
as the mighty god gonna save our ass
but we feel the sky is falling on us
and we are going to miss the bus

But in our little piece of heaven
we light the candle whenever we disagree
with truth, with them, with folks
we dance with the brand new season
to teach our selves a lesson
with our hips and cigarettes butts

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