Qutub Minar: A Dream

it was such an antique
it could be called an ancient prick
it was 72 meters long
i laid it down on earth
and fixed some old maruti car engines in it
and tried to take off
like fighter jet plane.
it was too heavy.
then i took it to Indira Gandhi Airport
to book a flight to carry it all the way
to Tulihal Airport,
But there was no such plane to carry the prick.
and there was no train to drag it.
So i carried it on my shoulder
and walked more than 2000 kilometers.
i rested for two hours at Bihar
and had the hottest cup of tea of my life
i swam across the mighty Brahmaputra River
with the prick.
i felt like Hanuman.
i stopped at Kohima and had the best meal of my life
had the best sex with a whore too free of cost.
and finally stood at Sekmai with a peg of Chamelei
with Qutub Minar as my snack.
Before i reached Home,
I heard the Black Car honking
and there Mr. Ibobi came out from the car
and asked me "What the hell are you upto, Young Man?
I said "i want to erect this prick
Qutub Minar in the heart of Imphal."
Ibobi said, "no! you cant, what would i say to Manmohan?
In delhi the NDA government is wondering who did it
the opposition is saying Manmohan gifted it to Obama
to erect it next to the statue of liberty"
I said "This is how they will repeal AFSPA
You know how heavy it was to carry this Minar?"
The minister replied "Sharmila has been fasting
for many years and they dont repeal it still,
do you think they will do it this time?"
"Yes they will now, and when i return it back to them
i will have the dead names carved on it
and the BJP will be happy not to see Qutub Minar
at least for few days"

And there the bang on my door
i woke up and saw the newspaper boy with the bill
and later my love took me for shopping
while she tried her new clothes
i held her bag and it was heavier than Qutub Minar

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