Girls of your kind

Girls of your kind are the most i hate,
dont try to play cute, dont try to act ,
dont show me your clean teeth
i find it as disgusting as your shit.
dont behave like virgin with your smile
doesnt matter you got the brain of a child
you could be wild in bed
you could be attractive in naked
but i dislike your scented breathe
that makes me read your future;
you will die getting bored
with your husband's withered balls
with your daughters playing the same roll
you played reading Shakespeare
with her mind wondering of getting herself pierced.
Girls of your kind are the most i hate.

PS: this is not related to anyone. SO ignore if it hurts you :)
it is just my weird thinking about a painting i painted long back
on the wall of my toilet,, come see the toilet,,it is no more winter time, you wont smell yongchak anymore. Come i have an exhibition on my toilet walls.

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