black frock and silver ring

I cant stop searching for the face in crowd
You disappear saying nothing to me
You are lost in the silence of darkness
like a ballon in the dark sky
like a fire fly among the stars

I can't forget the pain you left inside me
your stories of ghost, haunting inside me
Your black frock lying unwashed inside cupboard
i wish i could forget you
I wish i was you.

I sing for you and i
come to me,
Say to me
You are back to me

Or you are too selfish
you said words failed you everytime you think about me
Now i know it was me who failed.

your stories of your step mom
your stories of sparrows and Jamiacan music
How you listened "chocolate brown"

I remember
I remember you taking off your shirts off
the scar in your waist
the thread you wear in your waist

the silver ring is there
I don't wear
It smells like rusty iron bars of Indian old train
I hate the smell now

It reminds me those beggars
in crazy summer train
singing different tune
with the same lyrics:
Praising Allah
No matter where they belong
No matter where they piss

I'm a lonesome blues
I'm a cry from wild bush
I'm fucked up by the morning winter dews
Carry on your selfishness
keep your feet higher
dirts may spoil your cracked toes

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